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Where are classes held?
Most classes are held in a guest’s home. If you host a class of 6 additional guests, you receive the class for free. Some locations offer additional class locations. Contact a culinary instructor in your area to learn more.

How many people will my kitchen accommodate?
Each student needs the space of a cutting board. As many cutting boards fit on your kitchen counter or dining room table is as many people that you can host in your kitchen.

How do I schedule a class?
To schedule a class or get more information, contact a culinary instructor in your area.

What if I have a family member who has allergies?
We are a nut-free cooking school: Our menus do not contain nuts, and the equipment we use (cutting boards, food processors, etc.) have never processed nuts. Additionally, we are able to customize a menu to accommodate all types of allergies (gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegetarian). However, please note that we do not use separate equipment for these classes.