The #1 way to reverse picky eating

If there is one theme I hear from parents (myself included) over and again, it’s this: “My child is SUCH a picky eater.” From our perspective, it’s easy to agonize: Why won’t they eat what I make? Will they ever be a good eater? Especially as we find ourselves scraping off the food from their untouched plate […]

#MealtimeMasterMoms share their strategies for getting their child to try a new food

The begging. The pleading. The bribery.  The desperation we all resort to when asking our children to take one measly bite of a new food. (We know it’s not just us.) Yes, even pro mom food bloggers deal with dinnertime drama–and they share what works for them to get their kid to open up […]

Picky eater protein-packed spaghetti

Like every 4-year-old on the planet, my son alternates between stages of scarfing down everything in site and/or protesting via hunger strike when he decides he doesn’t want to eat what’s on his plate. The past few weeks, he’s been doing the latter–refusing to taste his dinner, which culminates in his eventually going to […]

#MealtimeMasterMoms share their proudest and most painful parenting moments

When you’ve built a career around cooking for kids, people tend to say things like “Your kids must be the BEST eaters.” We asked leading mom food bloggers to share some of their proudest moments–and those times their kids’ eating habits were anything BUT. We promise their stories will make you feel better about […]

Macaroni Pie

On our table at the holidays, my family rarely remains married to any one particular dish. We don’t live by rules that say we have to eat THIS on Christmas, and THIS on Mother’s Day, and so on. In fact, most of our holiday meals are new recipes that just sound really good but that […]

#MealtimeMasterMoms answer: When feeding your baby for the first time, what do you wish you would have known?

We’re back with part 4 of our #MealtimeMasterMoms series! This week, these seasoned foodie mom bloggers answered the question: When feeding your baby for the first time, what’s one thing you wish you would have known or one thing you would

have done differently? Let their experiences help you! And be sure you’re following us […]

What to eat in April: Asparagus!


If your kid sticks her nose up at the sight of spears, try out these 5 methods–and share in the comments your own tricks that work!

1. Engage their other senses. It looks long and skinny. It feels smooth and bumpy. It makes a loud sound when you […]

#MealtimeMasterMoms answer: “What’s the funniest thing your child has ever said about food?”

We’re continuing our #MealtimeMasterMoms series with part 3. Be sure to follow us and all the other great food bloggers on Facebook and Instagram!

10 ideas for leftover baby food purees

It seems to happen overnight: Your baby who once devoured baby food purees decides she only wants finger foods.

Once babies begin to use their pinchers, they become more interested in perfecting picking up food from their trays, rather than being spoon fed by you. The good news is that you now have two free […]

#MealtimeMasterMoms Part 2: What’s for dinner when there’s nothing in the fridge

Check out these genius meal ideas from these #mealtimemastermoms who can help save dinnertime when you have an empty fridge!