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#MealtimeMasterMoms answer: When feeding your baby for the first time, what do you wish you would have known?

We’re back with part 4 of our #MealtimeMasterMoms series! This week, these seasoned foodie mom bloggers answered the question: When feeding your baby for the first time, what’s one thing you wish you would have known or one thing you would

have done differently? Let their experiences help you! And be sure you’re following us […]

10 ideas for leftover baby food purees

It seems to happen overnight: Your baby who once devoured baby food purees decides she only wants finger foods.

Once babies begin to use their pinchers, they become more interested in perfecting picking up food from their trays, rather than being spoon fed by you. The good news is that you now have two free […]

Homemade Fish Sticks, 2 Ways!

Skip the frozen pre-packaged varieties that are loaded with lots of breading and sodium, and make your own instead!
Fish sticks are a great options for kids who say they won’t eat fish. They look un-intimidating enough (close enough to pass as a chicken finger–or heck, cut ’em in nugget size pieces to pass […]

Zucchini Muffins–our most requested recipe!

These delicious, healthy  muffins are hands-down our most requested recipe—they’re a regular on rotation at our cooking classes, and when I make them at home, I always get requests for the recipe.  And it’s for good reasons: They’re vegan (egg and dairy free) and nut-free, which makes them a perfect snack to bring for kids with allergies, […]

5 Baby and Toddler Foods That Look Healthy, but Aren’t

It’s no secret that Americans consume way too much salt and sugar, and a new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that food companies may be prepping babies’ and toddlers’ tastebuds early to acquire these tastes.

Many baby and toddler foods–even those marketed as “healthy” or “organic” contained a gross amount of excess sugar and […]

Three spinach recipes your kids will actually eat!

Welcome to the season of cookies, cocoa, and Christmas parties! During a month full of sugar and sweets, we still like to do what we can get some sort of greens into our kids (green iced cookies don’t count!). Since spinach has a very neutral flavor, it’s great blended in to these sneaky recipes […]

30+ (Healthy!) First Finger Food Ideas


Finger foods are your baby’s first step in the transition to table food—and let’s face it: Without the need to spoon feed, you now have two hands free during meal time (score!). But many packaged finger foods that are made specifically for this toddler stage are loaded with salt and sugar, according to a recent […]

6 Things You Might Not Know About Jarred Baby Food

One of the most common questions I get asked about baby food is this: “Why should I make my own? Isn’t jarred food the same thing?” The truth is that while the ingredients might read the same as what you’d use to make at home (like carrots and water, for example), there are many […]

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