Picky eater protein-packed spaghetti

Like every 4-year-old on the planet, my son alternates between stages of scarfing down everything in site and/or protesting via hunger strike when he decides he doesn’t want to eat what’s on his plate. The past few weeks, he’s been doing the latter–refusing to taste his dinner, which culminates in his eventually going to […]

Macaroni Pie

On our table at the holidays, my family rarely remains married to any one particular dish. We don’t live by rules that say we have to eat THIS on Christmas, and THIS on Mother’s Day, and so on. In fact, most of our holiday meals are new recipes that just sound really good but that […]

Sneaky Healthy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

My toddler is going through a crazy picky stage.  She loves carbs (liked her mama) and detests vegetables (unlike like her mama).  You can imagine my frustration when my daughter’s meals sit on her plate uneaten. It’s like, c’mon, girl—I went to culinary school! This is GOOD food!

I tell myself that this phase won’t […]

Pasta with Creamy Butternut Squash

I know you’ve got strong guns from carrying that baby around all day or from lugging all the things that your toddler refuses to carry. You’ll need those muscles to cut through a butternut squash! But if you’re not feeling up for the challenge, here area few shortcuts:

The most economical way to purchase a squash […]