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Invite friends over for a fun day or evening spent cooking up healthy, delicious meals for your baby or toddler! We come to your home with all the groceries and equipment you’ll need for a fun day of mixing and mingling  (and yep, we take care of the cleanup, too!).

Scroll through our course catalogue to get a taste for the types of culinary classes we offer—whether you prefer a one-on-one private class or you plan to gather a group of friends for a fun social activity.

We offer a variety of classes from organic baby food purees to toddler meals that are guaranteed to be approved by picky eaters!

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Erica Grey
“The Fit Foodie”
Culinary Instructor



Erica has always had an interest in food, healthy eating, and fitness.  As a picky eater in childhood, she started cooking at an early age, integrating her favorite ingredients—particularly fruits and vegetables—into her recipes.  Moving to New York City in adulthood, Erica always made room in life for her burgeoning cookbook collection, farmer’s markets, and long-distance running events, taking pleasure in cooking and baking for her friends.

With the birth of her son Max in June 2015, Erica became aware of the contrast between blandish-looking, shelf-stable store baby food, and fresh homemade baby food.  When Max grew old enough to try solid food, Erica was committed to making it herself, and turned to Peasful Kitchen for help.

Now a Bostonian (and Max a toddler), Erica continues to make almost all of her child’s food.  She looks forward to sharing her love of food, healthy eating, and fitness with parents and children.

Erica holds a B.A in Psychology from Tulane University and MBA in Marketing from Fordham University.