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Holiday Finger Foods!
Sunday December 11
5:30-8 p.m.

Because your child can’t survive on holiday cookies alone, this class will stock your fridge with meals and snacks that put you both in the holiday spirit: They’ll love the festive fare, and without nightly meal prep, you can focus on your holiday to-do list! The menu includes: turkey empanadas, cranberry-orange mini muffins, butternut squash mac and cheese, and pumpkin pie smoothie pouches.



Monday, December 12
11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

This class is ideally taken when your baby is gearing up to start solids. We’ll prepare a variety of single-ingredient purees, and let you mix, match, and blend to create a palate of fruit and veggies that your new little eater will love. You’ll go home with 24 portions of food! Even more, we’ll prepare and sample a dish for moms and dads that incorporates one of those purees (oh right, you need to eat, too.) Butternut squash risotto, anyone?



Invite friends over for a fun day or evening spent cooking up healthy, delicious meals for your family! We come to your location with all the groceries and equipment you’ll need for a fun day of mixing and mingling  (and yep, we take care of the cleanup, too!).

Scroll through our course catalogue to get a taste for the types of culinary classes we offer—whether you prefer a one-on-one private class or you plan to gather a group of friends for a fun social activity.

We offer a variety of classes from organic baby food purees to an elegant ladies lunch (that includes a meal you pack up for dinner) to crowd pleasing dinners that you’ll be sure to add into your weeknight rotation.

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Elisa Sautter
“The Locavore”
Culinary Instructor



Elisa grew up in a home that was well ahead of its time—a place where healthy and homemade options were always available. She was encouraged at a young age to get involved in the kitchen and would play “cooking show” with her friends.

As a mom of a toddler who took to solid food slowly, Elisa made it her goal early on in motherhood to cook healthy, nutrient dense options for her little girl. She believes exposure to healthy whole foods and flavors at a young age can lead to a lifetime of better food choices. Elisa began cooking and developing new recipes to ensure her daughter got the most out of each meal—and soon found herself feeding all the other toddlers in the neighborhood.

She is excited to share her love of food and healthy ideas with you, while teaching you some helpful tips for your family.