Nicole Yorio Jurick

Nicole is a born Jersey girl, raised in Bergen County and residing in Hoboken for more than a decade. In 2012, Nicole founded Give Peas a Chance Cooking School, where she currently teaches and operates a variety of baby and toddler food cooking classes out of Hudson Table.

With the business growing and many Hoboken families moving to suburban New Jersey towns—and requesting similar classes in their areas—Nicole founded Peasful Kitchen to bring her signature baby and toddler food classes, as well as a full lineup of in-home culinary classes, to various locations around the state.

When she’s not cooking, Nicole is a freelance writer and editor whose articles on nutrition and health have been featured in a variety of national publications, including: Redbook, Self, Health, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Newsmax, and Weight Watchers.

She lives in Hoboken with her husband, her sons, newborn daughter and her dog.

What is Peasful Kitchen?

Peasful Kitchen is built on the belief that healthy eating starts at home. Our cooking classes help your family establish healthy eating from the start, and that span the needs of your growing family—from baby’s first puree, to toddler foods, to exciting entrees that will bring smiles (and sanity!) to your dinner table.

How it works:

Our experienced and enthusiastic local Culinary Instructors guide guests through a hands-on cooking class that includes cooking and knife skills, culinary techniques, nutrition information, and recipes they can recreate over again. At the end of the class, guests sit down to enjoy their creations—or they pack up a meal to bring home to their family (read: dinner is done!). Culinary classes are more than about learning how to cook; they’re a hands-on activity that provides guests with a fun way to connect with friends, meet new people in their community, and build confidence in the kitchen.

Our cooking experiences give guests the techniques, knowledge, and inspiration they can use in their own kitchen—and ultimately get families gathered around the dinner table while enjoying a healthy and delicious meal.