Nicole Yorio Jurick

Nicole is a born Jersey girl, raised in Bergen County and residing in Hoboken for more than a decade. In 2012, Nicole founded Give Peas a Chance Cooking School, where she currently teaches and operates a variety of baby and toddler food cooking classes out of Hudson Table.

With the business growing and many Hoboken families moving to suburban New Jersey towns—and requesting similar classes in their areas—Nicole founded Peasful Kitchen to bring her signature baby and toddler food classes, as well as a full lineup of in-home culinary classes, to various locations around the state.

When she’s not cooking, Nicole is a freelance writer and editor whose articles on nutrition and health have been featured in a variety of national publications, including: Redbook, Self, Health, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Newsmax, and Weight Watchers.

She lives in Hoboken with her husband, her two sons, and her dog.



Suzanne Gallagher

Suzanne is a full-time healthcare consultant who believes that everyone, rich or poor, young or old, educated or not, deserves to eat well.  For as early as Suzanne can remember, she has been cooking: peeling carrots, scrubbing potatoes.  Cooking and understanding the joy of cooking remained a passion into adolescence and adulthood.  Suzanne travels extensively, taking cooking classes abroad, and appreciates how food connects people and cultures.

When Suzanne became a mom—and began talking to a lot of new moms that were getting ready to feed their infants, she co-founded Give Peas A Chance, a cooking school dedicated to teaching parents and grandparents that cooking isn’t as complicated as it may seem. She is fascinated by how influential foods given as babies can develop a palate for a lifetime.

Suzanne now resides in Los Angeles, CA with her boyfriend Jean-Paul and toddler daughter Adeline, who has become the best little helper in the kitchen.