Our story begins like any good love story… Two strangers make eye contact on the street; they give each other a shy smile, and the rest is history. But it just so happened that these two strangers were sleep deprived new moms, pushing 2-week-olds in strollers. Nicole had just come out of the organic grocery store and realized upon paying that she had forgotten her wallet at home, as happens with new mothers. Suzanne was headed to that same store.

Fast forward a few months later when Nicole and Suzanne were gearing up to give their babies purees—homemade and organic, of course— and thought about how much fun would be to create a cooking school that offered just that: the chance for moms to get together, learn how to make food for their little ones, and take it all home. And there would be wine.

In early 2013, the two started Give Peas a Chance Cooking School in Hoboken, NJ which offers a variety of baby and toddler food cooking classes for parents, and continues to operate out of Hudson Table.

With the business growing and many Hoboken families moving to suburban New Jersey towns—and requesting similar classes in their areas—Nicole and Suzanne founded Peasful Kitchen to bring their signature baby and toddler food classes, as well as a full lineup of parent-friendly culinary classes, to various locations around the state.

Today, Peasful Kitchen continues to grow as the only parent-focused cooking school. We are currently accepting applications from culinary enthusiasts to bring Peasful Kitchen to their communities, and who are on board with our mission: to help parents make: healthy, delicious, and inspiring meals for their families.


May 2013:
A baby poses in our sign at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival.

May 2013: Nicole's son Will posing in our sign from the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

June 2013
Items for sale at the Garden Street Farmers Market in Hoboken

June 2013 Items for sale at the Garden Street Farmers Market in Hoboken

September 2013: Nicole’s son Will, modeling his Give Peas a Chance onsie.

September 2013: Nicole's son Will, modeling his Give Peas a Chance onsie

February 2014: A pack of green smoothie pouches, sold at various locations throughout Hoboken.


October 2014: Suzanne on Halloween dressed as a glowing, non-organic carrot.


January 2015: An idea of just how much food parents take home after a toddler food cooking classs: For this class, they scored 12 meals and 4 pouches.


February 2015: Nicole poses at the Give Peas a Chance Table at Hoboken’s annual Cabin Fever Event.


December 2015: A group of happy moms pose after a puree class at Hudson Table.