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April 3, 7-9:30 pm
Location: BKC Kitchen, 401 Cumberland St. Westfield, NJ
When picky eating begins to take a toll on your sanity, we swoop in with healthy and delicious meals and snacks that please even the pickiest palate—PLUS you’ll learn doable tips for mealtime success and strategies to combat pickiness. Sample menu includes: chicken potstickers, baked ziti primavera, broccoli and cheese fritters, and chocolate-avocado muffins.

Finger Foods for Picky Eaters85.00 USD
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The Essential Toddler Food Cooking Class: Undercover vegetables
May 8, 7-9.30 pm
Location: BKC Kitchen, 401 Cumberland St. Westfield, NJ
In a world that’s dominated by packed foods, this class introduces your child to new flavors and textures in foods that are fun and kid friendly but still nutritionally dense. This class sneaks veggies into foods that your child will love (in fact, she won’t even realize they’re there!). You’ll learn helpful strategies to get your child to love veggies and create healthy habits that will last them for a lifetime—and you’ll take home 16 meals and snacks. Sample menu includes: hidden veggie meatballs, pasta with 6 veggie sauce, Spinach and kale puffs, and apple and carrot breakfast cookies.

The Essential Toddler Food Cooking Class: Undercover Vegetables85.00 USD
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May 15, 7- 9:30 p.m.
Location: BKC Kitchen, 401 Cumberland St. Westfield, NJ
For those times when your family’s veggie intake needs a boost, we’ll sneak in veggies to meals that actually delicious. Bonus material includes feeding-therapist-approved ways to expand the palates of picky eaters. Menu may include: chicken and cauliflower fried rice, hidden veggie meatballs with a 6-veggie pasta sauce, a to-die-for sweet potato mac and cheese, and a Tuscan soup with cheddar and cauliflower biscuits. 

Healthier Family Meals: Hidden Veggie Suppers90.00 USD
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Dinnertime stressing you out? Whether you’re stuck in a recipe rut, want to eat less takeout, are looking to (finally!) be the type of parent who can cook one meal that your whole family will eat, our class series offers ways to make your family healthier than ever before. But best of all, you’ll leave each class with 2 meals that each serve a family of 4!
Class dates are:
Fast Fresh Weeknight Meals: February 9
Hidden Veggie Suppers: March 9
Stock the Freezer: April 20
9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. each day

Family Meal Makeover (ALL 3 PARTS)243.00 USD
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FAMILY MEAL MAKEOVER (PART 3 ): Stock the freezer!

April 20, 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Summit, NJ
Clean out freezer space before you come to this class because we’re going to fill it! You’ll learn 4 different freezer meals: one that’s prepped for the slow cooker, individual smoothies—perfect as a to-go breakfast for you or the kids, a fully cooked dinner that only needs to be defrosted—plus one meal that’s ready to go straight into the oven. Lastly, we’ll freeze snacks that defrost in minutes are a perfect for after school or unexpected visitors.

FAMILY MEAL MAKEOVER (PART 3): Stock The Freezer90.00 USD
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April 5, 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Summit, NJ

This class is the first introduction to real meals, and you’ll learn the best ways to cook (and introduce) dairy, grains, meats, and more! Leave the baby food containers at home—in this class, your baby is ready for more food, and we’ll be packaging up the meals we make into tot-sized portions! Best of all, the meals we make in this class are ones you can recreate for your entire family (because we know short order cook isn’t your mealtime goal.) Make freezer space for the 16 meals that you’ll have stocked and ready in your freezer after this class! Sample menu includes: apple pie oatmeal, baby’s first green smoothie pouch, red lentils with quinoa, and chicken pesto risotto (nut free).

The Ultimate Baby Food Cooking Class (PART 3): Introduction to Textures85.00 USD
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Get set for a fun day or evening spent cooking up healthy, delicious meals for your family! We come to your home with all the groceries and equipment you’ll need for a fun day of mixing and mingling  (and yep, we take care of the cleanup, too!).

Scroll through our course catalogue to get a taste for the types of culinary classes we offer—whether you prefer a one-on-one private class or you plan to gather a group of friends for a fun social activity.

We offer a variety of classes from organic baby and toddler food to an elegant ladies lunch (that includes a meal you pack up for dinner) to stock-the-freezer classes–perfect for families or moms to be!

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Karin Von Zelowitz

“The Swedish Saveur”

Culinary Instructor



Growing up on a farm in Sweden, food has always played a central role in Karin’s life. Her mom taught her first hand about farm-to-table cooking, and Karin continues to cook for her family the same way.

Karin is a Dietitian (licensed from Sweden) and a former Chef for the Swedish Ambassador in Switzerland. Today she runs her own nutrition consulting business called Nordic Health and Wellness where she will be offering Peasful Kitchen cooking classes. She has a passion for helping others reach their health objectives through counseling about nutrition, food, and cooking.

Karin believes that cooking at home with fresh ingredients is the way to live a healthy sustainable life. Her goal for you: Make meals as often as you can and most importantly, eat them together with your family!

Karin lives in Summit, New Jersey with her husband and two children. She loves everything about food, cooking, fitness and spending time with her family.