1-on-1 session: $250
The details: As personalized as it gets, our expert culinary instructors will guide you through a 2.5 hour course of your choosing in the comfort of your own kitchen. Menus are customizable at tailored to fit the skill level and needs of the student–all while providing individualized hands-on instruction. By the end of the course, you’ll have gained the confidence and culinary skills to recreate the menu with ease–and have fully-cooked meals you created in your fridge or freezer to serve to your family .

2-on-1 session: $125 per person
The details: A great choice for couples or a pair of friends, two person classes allow for highly individualized attention by our culinary expert who guide the duo through hands-on instruction of knife skills, cooking techniques, and a menu that’s customized according to their tastes and preferences. As with one-on-one instruction, the pair can expect to have gained confidence in the kitchen, new culinary skills, and fully-cooked meals to serve their family.

Groups of 3-5 Students: $100 per person
The details: Perfect for an intimate get together with friends, our small group lessons are catered to the needs of the group and include knife skills, cooking techniques and demos, and a menu that’s selected by the group. Classes are hands on, and small group participants have the choice to pack up the meals they make to take home to their family, sit down and enjoy the meal together–or do a combination of both!

Groups of 6 or More: $85 per person for baby and toddler food classes / $95 per person for freezer and take-home family meals classes.
The details: Now here’s a reason to party: Host a class at your home with a group of 6 additional friends, and you’ll get the class for free! Cooking parties are a fun way to celebrate birthday, bond with other class parents, shower moms-to-be, or simply enjoy a day or night with friends. We pride ourselves on teaching groups how to cook from start to finish—whether that means pureeing baby food, adding more meals to your dinnertime rotation, or cooking up a show-stopping brunch for family and friends. Best of all, your group picks the menu!