Here in NJ, fresh picked summer tomatoes that come in a rainbow of colors—red, green, orange, and yellow—are a big part of our state pride (that, and the fact that we don’t have to pump our own gas). Sweet, juicy, and flavorful, a peak-season tomato can’t compare to its sad, bland cousins that you pick up from the grocery store in wintertime. Once you taste a summer tomato, you may never buy another tomato off season. We love to use them as part of a sweet flavorful peach salsa or to make an easy-breezy weeknight tomato sauce.

Made of 95 percent water (which makes them a super hydrating food for sweaty summer months), tomatoes also contain carbohydrates and fiber. Since tomatoes tend to be a bit acidic, we always suggest that parents wait to introduce tomatoes to their babies until they are at least 10 months old.

Tomatoes are a good source of several vitamins and minerals, including:
Vitamin C: One juicy red provides about 28% of the recommended daily intake.
Potassium: An essential mineral, beneficial for blood pressure control and cardiovascular disease prevention.
Vitamin K1: Important for blood coagulation and bone health.
Folate (B9): One of the B-vitamins, important for normal tissue growth and cell function. It is particularly important for pregnant women.
Lycopene: An antioxidant thats present in the tomato peel

What’s your favorite way to eat a summer tomato?